Conversations with thought leaders about ideas whose time has come.

Cyndi and Jeannie unravel the mystery of shadow, leadership and projection.
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Cyndi Silva and Nate Guadagni Discuss Integrating and Teaching Yoga, Bo yoga and Qigong. Video version at this link:


Cyndi Silva talks with Medical Intuitive Tina Zion about her life's work as an author, teacher, guide and faculty member of The Shift Network. Tina shares a remarkable story of a client session and how to be our own medical intuitive.

Mary Aine Curtis

Host Cyndi Silva and guest Mary Aine Curtis discuss taking responsibility for our consciousness as well as the generational and ancestral connection to awakening our potential.

Christa Rae Pacheco

Join Medical Intuitive Christa Rae Pacheco and host Cyndi Silva in an adventurous health as a spiritual practice for cultivating conscious community.

Josephine Laing

Join host Cyndi Silva and guest Josephine Laing as they discuss the aspects of cultivating psychic awareness for navigating conscious awakening.

Recorded December 11, 2018

Host Cyndi Silva talks with Toni Petrinovich about I AM and the Absolution Process. Reverend Doctor Toni is clairvoyant, clairaudient and kinesthetically aware of the invisible world from birth. As a Master Teacher, she is absolutely committed to assisting all spiritual seekers around the world remember they are I AM. 

Recorded March 19, 2019

Rebecca Fisk and Cyndi Silva discuss relationships. Rebecca is an intuitive psychic who has been sharing her gift to help people for over 25 years. Rebecca was recently named one of America's Top 50 Psychics


Recorded March 26th 2019

Host Cyndi Silva speaks with Peggy Black about the power of intentions. Peggy is a Transducer, Scribe and Witness, is a world traveler and lecturer with over forty years of experience in the healing field. She is a creative artist and author who has been featured internationally in television, radio and print media.

Recorded Nov. 21, 2018

Cyndi Silva and Jeannie Zandi discuss the Heroine's Journey and in particular the 3rd stage of the journey, the Return.

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