Conversations with thought leaders about ideas whose time has come.

Recorded Dec. 20, 2017
In her book, The Missing Element, Debra Silverman gives us a chance to understand the uniqueness of our personality. Silverman provides a language that allows you to have compassion for how different, weird and individualistic we each are. Included is a personality test that distinguishes the 4 types: 1-water, emotional, 2-air thinker, 3-earth practical and 4- fire the energizer. Find out which one you and which one you are missing.

Recorded January 29, 2018.
A conversation with Letters from 500 author Robert Potter, hosted by Cyndi Silva
Have you ever wondered what is happening to humanity on this planet Earth or how tomorrow may differ from today? In this conversation you will hear a perspective about the times we are living in from the vantage point of 500 years in the future. Enter into the adventure yourself. There is no need to wait for the future. It is here, now!

Recorded Jan. 17, 2018
Dr. Pamela Eakins is the founder and director of Pacific Mystery School and Terra Nova Seminary. She is a Sociologist and Visionary Cosmologist. Pamela has taught at Stanford University, the University of Colorado, the California Institute of Integral Studies and Pacific Center. View the slide show that accompanies this podcast  here.

Recorded March 12, 2019
Carl Franklin is a Metaphysical Researcher. He holds a Masters degree in Theology and Psychology and is a Coptic minister. Carl is an international speaker and workshop presenter on various topics such as: Spiritual Parapsychology, The Crystal/Indigo Children, The Ascension Process, The Spiritual Realm, Our multi dimensional selves, and 5th Dimensional Christianity. 

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